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How we create value

We create value for investors by focusing on an area of the market which is inherently robust. It is centred around continuing, steady demand for necessity goods, leveraging Taylor’s proven track record and deep market knowledge to secure attractively priced vessel acquisitions, and competitive charter rates with high quality charters.

Executive Team Experience

Our Executive Team has more than 40+ years of experience and a proven track record of success in Handysize dry bulk shipping.

High-quality Fleet

Handysize vessels are the workhorses of international shipping. They carry a diverse range of cargoes to a relatively large number of ports around the world. We have assembled a high quality, largely homogenous fleet. Our focus is on secondhand Japanese built ships which can operate for longer and are generally more energy efficient than their peers. Our scale and global reach allows us to achieve a good balance of charter rates and contract duration.

Our carefully assembled fleet consists of high quality predominantly Japanese built second-hand ships which, under experienced and prudent management, can operate relatively efficiently compared to peers.

Attractive and sustainable yield and robust financials

We have an ungeared long-term capital structure. We target a balance of short and longer term charters to strike a balance between maximising revenue and enhancing earnings visibility.