Shipping is the pillar of global trade and remains the most efficient mode of transportation for bulk commodities.

Taylor Maritime Investments Limited

We are an investment company specializing in the Handysize and Supra/Ultramax bulk carrier segments of the global shipping sector.

We listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange in May 2021, with an investment objective to deliver stable, growing income and potential for capital growth.

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Our People
Our Executive Team & Independent Board bring decades of shipping experience and knowledge of owning and managing global shipping fleets and also of governing listed Investment Companies.
TMI is a responsible corporate citizen and we are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance factors into our investment and management processes. We aim to actively engage with our shareholders to achieve our collective ESG responsibilities and ambitions.

A Compelling Investment Opportunity

We own a fleet of geared Handysize and Supra/Ultramax vessels. These are some of the most flexible vessels in the global shipping fleet – they are often called the workhorses of the sea.

Due to their smaller size and shallow draught, as well as having their own loading equipment, these vessels are able to operate in most ports across the world, making them extremely versatile and attractive.

Our vessels carry a variety of dry bulk cargo, principally food and products related to infrastructure building – ensuring broad diversification of fleet activity and stability of earnings through the cycle.

Why Shipping?

90% of all international trade by volume is carried in ships. We believe that shipping represents an investment opportunity as it is and will remain the most efficient mode of transportation for bulk commodities. With growing global demand– particularly for basic necessity commodities, such as those carried by our vessels – driven by GDP growth, combined with limited availability of shipyard capacity to build new Handysize vessels, and uncertainty around future vessel design, we do not expect a significant uptick in new ship supply for the foreseeable future. This supports an attractive multi-year outlook for our chosen Geared dry bulk market.